10 Popular Fitness Gadgets

1) “Smart” forks 
These smart forks will protect you from overeating due to the indicator built into them.
Manage Your Eating to Stop Overeating!
Hapifork forks are a sports gadget that keeps track of your eating habits: time, eating pace, and results. Further, to control the progress, it is possible to download the results to a computer via USB. The gadget is also supported by the HAPILABS app, which allows you to install it on your smartphone.

2) Intelligent water bottle
Gadget main functions:

  • personal index calculation,
  • calculation of the required water supply per day,
  • counting the number of “steps” taken to the required margin,
  • gives motivation to stay in the game,
  • improves your strength and endurance.

The gadget will calculate the amount of water consumed in the body, and also control its supply for the day.
Doctors, nutritionists, and fitness trainers recommend using this device on a daily basis, since maintaining a sufficient amount of water in the body is necessary not only for an ordinary person but even more so for an athlete.

3) Skipping 
Rope J-FIT skipping rope, counting the number of jumps, firmly settled in third place.
J-FIT is a digital jump rope that remembers the number of jumps you have made. The maximum is 999 spins.
There are enough such jump ropes on the sporting goods market now, so it is possible to choose the most interesting option for your taste.

4) Electronic bracelet 
Sports electronic bracelets are now in trend and Nike and Jawbone are considered to be the leaders in this direction.
We give the fourth place to the “smart” Jawbone Up 2.0 bracelet, which is equipped with a vibration motor that allows you to use the timer and alarm functions.
Its main function is to compile a detailed metric for the user, which indicates the length of the run, heart rate, number of steps and calories burned, and even sleep phases.

10 trendy sports gadgets you might not know about
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Any movement, even sitting still, consumes energy. Increase in the number of movements – increases the consumption of calories, all this data is recorded and automatically stored in the bracelet. Based on the information received, you can adjust your diet. If you want to lose weight, you need to spend more than you receive!
To work properly with devices on the Android or iOS platform, you must register in the system by filling out a form and specify your age and anthropometric data.

5) Bathroom scales 
The Fitbit Aria floor scales, which measure body mass index, also settled in the top five top gadgets. The gadget, in addition to measuring the body mass index, is also able to control the percentage of fat in the body. The received data can be downloaded to a smartphone, for which a unique application has already been created. Graphs visually depict a picture of changes in your body weight over time. The application will be useful for people who are on a diet, as well as nursing mothers.

6) Fog goggles for jogging 

Glasses for pleasure, beauty – and just to draw attention to your own person. In them you will not remain unnoticed. They will become practical for you in rain or fog, when preparing for competitions, since weather conditions can be unpredictable.
Glasses features:

  • fog cover,
  • impact resistant frame
  • high strength lens technology,
  • 720, 1080 HD high-definition camera shooting
  • 170 degree wide angle camera view
  • Lithium-ion battery with three hour charge
  • the possibility of integrating the results into social networks

7) Flashlight for running

Easily and securely attached to the cap of the headgear or on the visor, has a rubberized body.

  • high brightness LEDs,
  • constant and flashing light mode,
  • easy to replace batteries.

Available in pink, black and green, a definite plus for young and trendy athletes.

8) Elastic Case-bandage for the player or smartphone 
Fastening just above the elbow allows you to combine training with the ability to quickly access your favorite smartphone or player. Convenient, practical, economical.

9) Ear-cuffs
The ninth line is rightfully occupied by ear-cuffs.
Ear cuffs are a piece of jewelry that does not require a piercing. Headphones thanks to flexible clips are securely fastened behind the ear and are available in different colors. The headphones have two speakers, which allows you to hear a good and clear sound.

10 trendy sports gadgets you might not know about
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10) Aluminum “tablet” 
Rounding out the top ten is an aluminum “tablet” from Misfit Shine.
The Misfit Shine uses an accelerometer to track the wearer’s physical activity.
The Bluetooth module allows you to keep your gadget connected to your smartphone using the Shine app.
The gadget is completely made of aluminum and is waterproof. In fact, it looks like a monolithic coin, but the metal shields the radio signal.

Among the original features is the ability to control physical activity while swimming or cycling. You can wear the accessory around your neck by attaching it with a clip.