About people who save lives ūü§ć

The Good Doctor (2013)

The main character of the drama is an autistic person with savant syndrome.¬†This condition is very rare, and it got its name from the French word¬†savant¬†¬†– scientist.¬†Developmental disabilities in people with this syndrome are accompanied by outstanding ability in one area, sometimes in several.¬†So Pak Shi He is like that.¬†His mental development is like a ten-year-old child, but at the same time, he is a genius doctor.¬†But in relation to people – both with colleagues and with patients – he has problems …

The series was so popular that it was followed by remakes in different countries. In 2017, the American Good Doctor was released.

Descendants of the Sun (2016)

Their acquaintance was a complete misunderstanding.¬†He fell in love with her at first sight, and she mistook him for a bandit who beat her patient.¬†Who knew (well, other than the audience ūüėĀ) that this meeting would be the beginning of a beautiful love story between Dr. Kang Mo Young and Peacemaker Captain Yu Shi Jin?¬†But first, they will have to survive and save lives in a foreign country.¬†But then even death cannot separate them ūüíė

The drama became the beginning of love not only for the main characters but also for the actors themselves. The pair Sleep + Sleep, however, turned out to be not so durable Рunfortunately for fans and shippers.

Forest (2020)

Kang Sang Hyuk (played by the lovely Park Hae Jin, by the way ūüėć) is a top manager of a large company.¬†Calculated, cold, and seemingly invulnerable.¬†If it weren’t for the terrible phantom pains … Their cause is probably in the past, but Sang Hyuk doesn’t remember his childhood.¬†Surprisingly, when he joins (incognito and for the sake of a deal) with the team of rescuers of the Miren forest, the pain will remind of itself less and less.¬†But another will appear – an unbearable doctor, with whom he had already quarreled in Seoul, will turn out to be his housemate.¬†Jung Yong Jae was exiled to Mireong for misconduct, and now she is forced to work in a backward and squalid hospital in a godforsaken place.¬†Yes, and share the roof with this insensitive fool … who, of course, will not be so insensitive and not at all a fool ūüėČ

Doctor stranger (2014)

The horrors of North Korea, the political intrigue of the South, rivalry, secrets, espionage, and love passions – what is there not!¬†This drama is definitely one of the best (and I’m not just talking about Korean dramas).¬†I want to literally swallow all 20 episodes in one breath – so as not to miss anything and finally get to the finale (if only everything ended well ūüôŹ).

The protagonist – an outstanding surgeon who fled from North Korea – is played by charming Lee Jong Suk. His rival and adversary at the hospital is Park Hae Jin. And for the sake of this duo, the drama is worth watching – even if you’ve seen it ūüėé

Emergency physicians (2014)

Jang Min’s parents are strongly against Chin Hee.¬†But the love of these two is so strong that even this does not prevent them from getting married.¬†Family life, however, was not so rosy.¬†Chang Min quits his internship at the hospital and goes to work as a simple pharmacist, and then completely becomes a different person.¬†His family openly despises his wife and does not even try to pretend that they took her into the family.¬†It is clear how such stories end – in divorce.¬†And by a sudden meeting many years later …

Blood (2015)

Park Chi Sang was born a vampire, but he really wants to become a human.¬†For this, he became a doctor.¬†He specializes in oncology and conducts clinical research – though he is looking for a cure not for cancer, but for vampirism.¬†He seems cold and arrogant to his colleagues, but in fact, he is certainly kind, gentle, and … in love without five minutes ūü•į

Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-Boo 2 (2020)

The first part of the series was released in 2016 and became a hit.¬†To the delight of fans and just fans of good TV shows, a sequel was released in February of this year.¬†The cast, however, has changed a little – the young doctors of the last season left Toldam for various reasons, and Kim Sabu goes to the central hospital for new recruits.¬†This is how Yoon Jae¬†(Lee Sung Kyung, whom you probably love for the cute weightlifter fairy Bok Chu), who is famous for being knocked out in the operating room, and the troubled Woo Jin¬†(played by Ahn Hyo Seop, by the way)¬†appear on his team.¬†He is despised by his colleagues in the “big” hospital (and indeed in all hospitals), he has serious problems with money lenders, to whom he owes a tidy sum … And, as it turns out a little later, a very tragic past.

A separate bonus for Russian viewers – in one of the episodes, a troupe of Russian artists will appear in the reception room of Toldam.¬†Who will swear and resent in pure Russian and play the Palatka ūüėÖ