It is difficult to find a person who is worried about his health from a young age: usually, understanding the importance of this issue comes over the years

And yet, some symptoms simply need to be paid attention to, regardless of age. They signal mental problems that, if untreated, can negatively affect a person’s entire life.


When you’re nervous, a special hormone is released that makes your heart beat faster. So if you increasingly notice that your heart is ready to break out of your chest, most likely there are many stressful situations in your life. Additionally, a rapid heart rate can be a sign of an impending panic attack.

Photo # 1 - 7 signs that the body sends when the psyche is out of order

Sweaty palms

Another symptom that appears in response to stressful stimuli. When the brain sends alarming signals to the body, it encourages the sweat glands to work at an increased rate.

Photo # 2 - 7 signs that the body sends when the psyche is out of order

Digestive problems

Irritable bowel syndrome is a common diagnosis among those who are often nervous. The body tries to maintain its strength to cope with the stressful situation, so the digestive system does not work as usual.

Photo # 3 - 7 signs that the body sends when the psyche is out of order


You’ve probably noticed that when everything piles up, your head literally pops. These headaches usually appear in the middle of the day and may persist for several months. An uncomfortable sensation in your head, like being squeezed from the back of your head with a hoop, usually signals that there is too much stress in your life. Pain in the neck area also indicates overexertion, and in the forehead area – a lack of sleep.

Photo # 4 - 7 signs that the body sends when the psyche is out of order

Chronic fatigue

This condition cannot be attributed to laziness. When the brain is overwhelmed by problems, the body also becomes tired. This condition is easy to distinguish from the usual fatigue at the end of the day: the chronic form is observed for a long time, is not treated with a one-time 8-hour sleep, and is accompanied by a bad mood for no reason.

Photo # 5 - 7 signs that the body sends when the psyche is out of order

Concentration problems

Is it difficult for you to remember even the simplest information like the names of new acquaintances? If you are not 90 years old, your attention problems are most likely due to stress. The body does not have the strength to memorize supposedly unimportant things, like the date of the taking of the Bastille and the name of the second son of Ivan the Terrible, because it barely satisfies the needs for security and peace. Not surprisingly, after the exam, you can hardly remember your own name. 

Photo # 6 - 7 signs that the body sends when the psyche is out of order


A common symptom that signals that the stress level in your life is off the charts. Insomnia is often treated with folk methods, but it is much more effective to find the source of the problem and deal with it. Remember that the lack of regular healthy sleep leads to more serious problems than simple irritability and thirst for coffee.

Photo # 7 - 7 signs that the body sends when the psyche is out of order

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, try to reduce your stress levels as much as possible. If necessary, do not hesitate to seek help from specialists: problems associated with the mental component are the most difficult, so not everyone can cope with them on their own.

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