Many girls are complex about their short stature and are trying in every way to disguise the “flaw” by putting on high-heeled shoes …

But we hasten to assure you: small stature does not need to be hidden, because it at least makes the girl graceful. And in order to become famous all over the world, it is not necessary to be tall at all! we have compiled a selection of films for you, where the main characters look fragile babies, but at the same time set the heat on the villains! And the whole world loves them 🙂

Photo # 1 - Cool babes: 5 cool films with miniature actresses

Dora and the Lost City 

Starring: Isabela Merced (1.55 m)

Dora and the Lost City is a full-length sequel to the popular animated series Dasha the Traveler. Dora, the daughter of explorers Cole and Elena, spent her childhood in the wild. For many years her parents searched for the lost city of the Incas of Parapat. Finally, they were able to decipher his whereabouts and during their trip decided to send Dora to school in Los Angeles, to her cousin Diego. Upset Dora misses the jungle and for the first time faces the difficulties of teenage life, learns to be friends and love.

Photo # 2 - Cool babes: 5 awesome films with miniature actresses

Alita: Battle Angel

Starring: Rosa Salazar (1.63 m)

In the distant future, the scientist Ido brings back to life the cyborg girl Alita, which he found in a junkyard. Having discovered incredible fighting skills, Alita tries to find out the truth about her past.

High-tech and spectacular cyberpunk based on the cult manga “Alita: Battle Angel” became the highest-grossing film by Robert Rodriguez (“Sin City”, “From Dusk Till Dawn”) and the new product success of James Cameron. The post-apocalyptic world of the future will be shaken by the heroine of Rosa Salazar, a miniature beauty from British Columbia.

Photo # 3 - Cool babes: 5 cool films with miniature actresses

Blade Runner 2049

Starring: Ana de Armas (1.68 m)

An atmospheric apocalyptic sequel to Ridley Scott’s famous 80s sci-fi movie, starring the petite brunette Ana de Armas. Thirty years have passed since Fugitive Replicant Hunter Rick Deckard left Los Angeles. During this time, the ecological crisis on the planet has worsened. The sun is not visible because of the clouds, the wildlife is completely destroyed, humanity is fed on genetically modified food. 

The Wallace Corporation, responsible for GMOs, is releasing a new generation of replicants that are stronger than their Tyrell predecessors. Wallace designs are highly trusted and some of them even serve in the police force. One day, Replicant Officer Kei finds a certain box at the destroyed old-style replicant. When its contents are analyzed, the police launch an investigation that could change the entire history of the world.

Photo # 4 - Cool babes: 5 cool films with miniature actresses


Starring: Naomi Scott (1.67 m)

One of the most famous British directors, Guy Ritchie, the creator of cult crime comedies and not only, reinterprets the classic Disney tale of the Arab thief-vagrant in the film version of his beloved cartoon “Aladdin”. 

In the beautiful Arab city of Agrabah, the lives of many people are far from wonderful. This also applies to the poor young man with a heart of gold – Aladdin, who is forced to steal with his monkey friend Abu. The same is true for the young princess Jasmine, imprisoned in a huge palace, where she feels like a powerless captive. 

Aladdin and Jasmine accidentally meet on the streets of the city, but this meeting could not have continued if the insidious vizier Jafar, one powerful Djinn, and the laws of a good fairy tale had not intervened in their fate. Having become the master and friend of the Genie, Aladdin in love is looking for a way to win the princess’s heart but goes on and together with her changes the life of the whole Agrabah.

Photo # 5 - Cool babes: 5 awesome films with miniature actresses

Rogue One: Star Wars. Stories

Starring: Felicity Jones (1.6 m)

The mesmerizing spin-off of the classic Star Wars trilogy and other films in the franchise can be viewed exclusively through the ivi online cinema subscription . The empire is developing a deadly weapon capable of instantly destroying planets – the Death Star. Several rebels team up to steal invaluable blueprints from the Imperials, which will tell them how to neutralize the devastating space station.

The development of the galactic station “Death Star” is commanded by Krennic, who led the talented engineer Galen Erso to create a powerful weapon that can pulverize entire planets in no time. But when Galen completes the project, he sends word to the rebels that there is a vulnerability in the Death Star that will allow the Resistance to destroy the entire station. Cassian Andor and Jin Erso, the adult daughter of the engineer Galen, who have not seen her father for many, many years, are sent to check the information.