How to make a service business: 40 popular destinations

Almost a quarter of the world’s population works in the service sector. In terms of the number of employees, the sphere is second only to trade. Starting a service business is not difficult, especially if you have useful skills, but even if you don’t, you can hire people and just organize their activities in the right way.

Business in the service sector is one of the few areas where investments are minimal at the initial stage. You can provide many services at home, and do what you already know how to do. This is a great way to turn your passion into a well-paying job.

How much money do you need to open from scratch

It all depends on the specific area. The simplest services, for example, a hairdresser or a manicurist, can be provided from home, spending money only on the purchase of tools and materials.

The amount of investment required will also depend on the size of the business. It is one thing to open a small law office with 22 employees, and quite another to start a large salon for the provision of elite services. However, most of all, the efforts and time of employees are invested in the business.

To calculate the costs for a specific type of activity, you need to:

  • draw up a business plan;
  • separately calculate the costs of starting your own business;
  • to pay the greatest attention to the costs of advertising and marketing;
  • if the amount is too large, consider how you can reduce costs.

Why you need to open a service business without delay

No one can stop time. While you’re wondering if it’s worth trying to work for yourself, someone may already be developing your idea and making a profit. In addition, today everything becomes outdated pretty quickly, and if it is easy to understand how to modernize a business in the process of work, then sitting still and doing nothing, you will never be able to know what will happen if you try this or that.

Every day new ideas appear in the world, some of them seem crazy, but often it is these services that bring the most income to their owners.

30 business ideas with minimal investment

The service industry is very broad and business ideas are everywhere, all you have to do is see them and start using them. If you want to start but don’t know where, take a look at the ideas listed, they are all potentially profitable.

internet marketing company

Online marketing is now a popular direction that can bring a good income. But first you have to carefully study the field and understand how to use specialized software. You can initially use free trial versions of analytical services and earn full money at the expense of the first customers. The costs are minimal, and at first, services can be provided independently.

You can perform all types of services, or focus on a specific direction. Internet marketing business may include:

  • seo optimization;
  • copywriting;
  • development of an advertising strategy on the Internet;
  • preparation of advertising campaigns;
  • setting up native and contextual advertising in Google or Yandex;
  • promotion in social networks;
  • website design and landing pages.

The essence of the work will be to study the market, develop promotion strategies. A small team will be enough to complete the tasks.

Freelancing or freelance work

Freelancing means remote work and independent organization of your working time. The number of services that can be provided in this way today is almost limitless – from writing texts to consulting, tutoring and compiling accounting reports.

The initial budget may include only the payment for the Internet. Sometimes you need to install additional paid software. You can search for clients through special exchanges for freelancers, there are many of them both in Russian and in English. You can also create a website or start a blog to attract more customers.

Conducting surveys and research

Large companies try to study consumers, offering them only what they need. At the same time, they are ready to pay private companies for conducting the necessary surveys – it is still more profitable than maintaining an analytical department in a company. Tasks can be very different, so the company must have specialists capable of performing a variety of studies.

The business of providing such services can generate income if you like organizational activities and mathematics – there will be a lot of calculations, because statistics are based on numbers.

3D printing as a service that can generate income

3D printers appeared not so long ago, and therefore the provision of such services is not yet very common. At the same time, adjusting. You can produce anything – small parts or even computer cases.

The initial investment will depend on whether you need the original drawings, or whether they are provided by customers. Of course, this business will need at least 1 printer. They cost a lot, but they can pay off quickly if you manage to find a niche in which many customers will contact you for a service.

Branding agency

Creating a recognizable brand can significantly increase sales and take the company to a new level, so the owners of large businesses understand the importance of such a service. Its implementation includes various stages:

  • assessment of brand awareness before and after the advertising campaign;
  • creating a portrait of the ideal consumer;
  • conducting an advertising campaign aimed at the target audience;
  • developing ways to increase customer loyalty.

High-quality provision of such a service requires careful preparation and special knowledge. You will need to take special courses and carefully select employees.

This business will not be profitable immediately, as it will take time to develop a portfolio, create connections with the media, experts, opinion leaders and people of great trust.

Photo and video shooting

This direction never loses its popularity. People always love to keep pleasant memories, and even the fact that many people today can take high quality pictures does not negate the demand for photographers. After all, a professional is distinguished not only by the presence of a good camera, but by the knowledge of how to set the light, from what angle it is better to shoot and how to properly process photos.

A photo and video service business can also work with companies to make promotional materials. You can also earn money by selling photos on photo stocks. But you will need to spend money not only on equipment, but on advertising your services.example of an unusual design of a photo studio

consulting business

To make money on such a service, you will need special education, and preferably additional experience in doing business. It is also recommended to get recommendations and make yourself known from narrow circles.

The essence of the service is to help the client develop his own business from scratch to making a profit or reaching a certain level. You can also provide emergency recovery services. The work will include conducting market research, developing a development plan, helping to formulate short-term goals and overall goals.

Companies receive remuneration at every stage of business development.

Computer maintenance and network administration

Small companies are not ready to pay for the services of a full-time system administrator and computer repair technician. You can make money on this simply by being a freelancer for several different companies, periodically visiting them and putting computers in order. Or open a company, I offer business and private clients outsourced masters. Since there is a computer in every home and in every organization, there will be no shortage of orders.

It will require the cost of purchasing the necessary equipment at the very beginning, it will also take time to develop connections and contacts in order to conclude long-term service contracts.

Repair and maintenance of printers

Such a business will provide services primarily to other companies. Cartridges tend to run out, and equipment sometimes fails and requires prevention or a full repair. To immediately acquire customers, it is worth offering companies contracts for the long-term provision of services. In about 3-6 months, you can build up a sufficient customer base to cover costs and make a profit.

Execution of orders

Such a business will be especially relevant in large cities, where people do not have a minute of free time and are ready to pay others to perform sometimes simple tasks – from buying and delivering coffee to transferring documents to the other side of the city. You can provide such a service yourself, or build a business on it by creating a team of personal assistants of varying degrees of preparedness. For example, a new mom will need help with pet walking and groceries, while business owners may need to prepare a presentation, write speeches, and so on.

There are no initial costs, but the business is suitable only for those who are ready to devote their lives to helping people. Let it be free.

Rental of simulators for office workers

People who sit in offices all day long like no one else dream of movement. They also need sports and mobility more than anyone else, because a sedentary lifestyle leads to the development of many diseases.

That is why such a service as the provision of simulators for office workers will be in demand today. To make money on such a business, you need to purchase mobile simulators that will be easy to move and transport to the office. It is also possible to be only an intermediary of the service by entering into an agreement with sports equipment suppliers and purchasing it only as needed. Otherwise, you will have to spend money on renting a warehouse for simulators.

The service can be provided via the Internet. To make yourself known, you need a competent advertising company for your business, and don’t forget to give potential customers the opportunity to try the simulators.

Corporate training and consulting in the HR field

A good team is one of the most important components of a successful business. You can build your own by providing a recruitment service for other companies and organizing trainings to build team spirit, develop leadership qualities and develop professional flair.

To succeed in this field, you need to have a natural talent to motivate people, the education of a psychologist will help. Develop your own technologies for working with specialists, team building and selection of ideal candidates, advertise services on the Internet. You can create your own website.

cleaning company

Very few people like to clean their homes, and the provision of professional cleaning services for industrial premises and apartments can bring good profit. Although such companies have recently appeared on the market more and more often, it is not too late to start a business in this direction.

To provide the service, not so many investments will be required: hire staff, purchase professional household chemicals and cleaning equipment. In order not to go broke at the initial stage of activity, it is recommended to conclude contracts with large offices or a shopping center at the stage of preparing documents, and at the same time engage in advertising services.

Delivery service

Many people need fast delivery of things, food and documents, so the service will certainly be in demand. Moreover, you can start a business without any investments at all – to conclude contracts with several couriers on your own cars, and independently perform the role of a manager who will direct employees and communicate with customers. The cost will depend on the distance and urgency of delivery, and it is recommended to insure the responsibility for the entrusted cargo.

Organization of express dates

Big cities often do not facilitate communication, but rather reduce the likelihood of close contacts, which leads to a feeling of loneliness and the fact that many people cannot find their soulmate.

Therefore, the speed dating service can quickly become popular. Earnings will be formed from contributions of participants. The initial investment will go towards renting the premises. You can arrange meetings about once a week, at the initial stage you can organize everything yourself. To inform people about ongoing dates, you can start a page on the Internet, where you can describe the project in detail.

Organization of exhibition events

By organizing a major exhibition or other similar event, you will give entrepreneurs from various business areas the opportunity to get to know each other, make new useful contacts, and also present their product. Enlisting support for this service is easy.

Investments can pay off even before the event, the main income from which will come from advertising – holding presentations, placing banners, etc. It is good to start a business with an experienced and small team familiar with organizing events. However, it will be difficult to succeed if the topic of the event is not interesting to you.

Sample Shop

Everyone knows that after trying a product, it is very difficult to refuse it, so this type of advertising is the most effective.

The idea to make a business on this came from entrepreneurs from Spain. They opened a store that displayed nothing but samplers – perfumes and cosmetics, household appliances and food products.

To become a client, it is enough to pay a subscription – about 5 euros per month, which gives you the opportunity to unlimited visit the store and use any goods. However, the main income will come from advertisers who benefit from showing their products to the widest possible audience.

Student sweepstakes

Such an unusual business was invented by students after they bet that one of them could successfully pass the exam. The power of motivation was so strong that after receiving a high grade, the student decided to create an online sweepstakes.

The essence of the service is that the portal allows students to register and place bets on how their fellow students, classmates and even friends from other universities will pass exams, or offer their candidacy for rates. Earn and students who exceeded expectations and those who correctly guessed the outcome.

Advertisers bring in earnings to businesses, making a lot of money for placing their ads on a popular portal.

Business on waste disposal services

Environmental requirements are becoming more stringent, and living next to mountains of garbage is not very pleasant. Thanks to this, the service of garbage collection and recycling can bring a good income. Owners of private houses and small industries, medical centers, warehouses and shops will become clients. Investments will be spent on the purchase of equipment and the acquisition of a special license for such activities. Business can be profitable due to the absence of a large number of competitors.

Rental of premises for seminars and trainings

Many companies organize meetings or presentations, trainings and field seminars for many participants, which is not always possible to accommodate in the office. To provide them with halls as a service, you can buy a room on a mortgage, equip it with everything you need and rent it out for an hourly rate. The cost will depend on the capacity and availability of additional materials.

Visa Center

The world is becoming more and more accessible to everyone who loves to travel. However, the consulates cannot cope with such a large number of visitors, in addition, it is quite difficult to obtain a visa on your own. Visa centers will be more profitable in the periphery, where there is no opportunity to apply to the embassy on your own, and there is less competition.

The investment will not be too big, but in addition to the cost of renting the premises and hiring staff, you will need to establish agreements with embassies in order to apply.

Service for business on call center services

Cold and hot calls are an effective way to sell your products, but not every company can afford to have its own call center. Its employees can also conduct market research and surveys, fill out buyer and client questionnaires.

It will be necessary to develop special scripts for conversations, rent a room for employees, purchase equipment and hire specialists. Business will be able to generate more income after partial automation.

Organization of bike tours

A healthy lifestyle and travel are the main trends of recent years, therefore it is not surprising that a business that combines 2 of these services has the potential to bring good income.

The business will be especially effective where there are no bicycle rental services yet, there are few such services and they are not very popular. To get started, you can buy a few bicycles and arrange your own city tour services. Try to create an interesting and informative program.

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