Options for ideas for business in the New Year

Top traditional business ideas and new products in the trend of recent years for the New Year.

But here you need to remember that demand can change over the years.

List of ideas

Consider both traditional business ideas for the New Year and the New Year period, as well as novelties in the trend of recent years with links to various interviews and data.

Sale of Christmas toys and garlands

This way of earning is seasonal: sales of New Year’s decor start in November, their peak is in mid-late December. Of the advantages of a business selling Christmas tree decorations is the ability to organize sales online, of the minuses is high competition. If you have a good imagination and creativity, you can organize your own production of Christmas decorations.

Rent of tubings, snowboards, skis and other winter equipment

A good prerequisite for a faster payback is the presence of a number of ski resorts. The main thing is to provide customers with a large selection of equipment and favorable rental conditions. On average, the cost of an hour of ski or snowboard rental should be 1/10 of their full price.

Decoration of offices, showcases and public places

It is better to start looking for clients in advance in order to get a good workload by winter. Shops, company offices, restaurants and other public institutions can become potential customers. Use social media to promote your services, but it’s better to have a portfolio to grab attention. It is also possible to concentrate on one segment, for example, to offer decorative design of facades with light illumination.

Sale of firecrackers and fireworks

New Year’s Eve is the time to start a fireworks and firecrackers business, since the bulk of sales fall on these days. According to the Internet portal MarketMedia, the margin of goods is from 30 to 40%. To open a retail outlet, a number of conditions must be met, for example, only a separate building with no other offices or trading floors is suitable for a store with pyrotechnics. Given such complexities, it is easiest to organize sales online.

Sale of sweet products for the New Year

On the news portal Regnam.ru, referring to the fiscal data operator OFD Platform, information was published that the demand for sweet gifts has increased sharply, up to 107% compared to last year. Among other things, the average purchase receipt increased by 16%. Popular sweet Christmas gifts include:

  • sets with sweets;
  • souvenir gingerbread with a New Year theme;
  • chocolate and handmade sweets;
  • cupcakes, macaroons and other sweets.

Christmas clothes and accessories

With the approach of New Year’s parties and corporate parties, the demand for New Year’s attributes is becoming higher. Popular requests include Santa Claus and Snow Maiden costumes, fancy dress costumes, garlands, New Year’s decor. Many are also considering renting costumes. If you want to make money on the hype around New Year’s paraphernalia, you should start shopping in advance, having previously studied the demand in your region.

New Year’s photographer services

If you have a professional SLR camera and the ability to take beautiful pictures, the easiest way to earn money is by working as a New Year’s photographer. According to the Moksva24 Internet news portal, the services of a professional photographer make good money on New Year’s holidays: with a good workload for the entire period, the level of earnings is equal to the cost of a car. Beginning photographers have lower-incomes, but it will be much easier to find applicants due to low prices.

Services of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

The first orders start already in mid-December and continue to arrive until about January 15th. The biggest peak falls on December 31 and January 1, with calls on New Year’s Eve, charged at double the rate. The RBC Internet resource published data from studies conducted by the Avito Services service, according to which, in 2020, the Remote Santa Claus service was more popular. Compared to previous years, the demand for online New Year greetings has increased by 80%. On average, the cost of remote congratulations reached 1000 rubles.

Grinch Stole Christmas Services

“The Grinch Stole Christmas” is also a symbol of the New Year holidays. After the release of the film about him, they began to order him not only for the holidays but also to arrange quests.

On average, for a short visit to the Grinch’s home, according to the online publication Kommersant, you can get at least 1,500 rubles.

Trade-in live Christmas trees

Selling live Christmas trees and pines is a common way to make money. To organize street trading, you need to obtain permission, but sales in this case will be higher. In this case, you need to take care of the possibility of delivering the Christmas tree to the client. The peak of sales traditionally falls on the last week of December.

It should be remembered that not every person has the opportunity to independently go for the Christmas tree. Someone does not have their own personal transport, someone cannot allocate free time for this business. It is on this problem that you can earn extra money by delivering the Christmas tree to the door. Therefore, Christmas trees can and should be sold via the Internet – in social networks, on marketplaces, for example, on Ozon and Yandex.Market, where an entrepreneur has the opportunity to sell and deliver only to residents of his city.

Trade-in artificial Christmas trees

Selling artificial Christmas trees is less risky, as leftover stock can easily be left until next year. The artificial Christmas tree trade season can be opened from the beginning of November. Traditionally, they are sold online.

Organization of corporate parties

In the absence of start-up capital, the work of leading New Year’s corporate parties will be the most ideal option. To implement this idea, it is enough just not to be afraid of public speaking, to have several different scenarios “at hand”, and to spend a little time and money on advertising. It is better to start implementing the idea from the very summer, as it will take a lot of time to write scripts and search for clients.

New Year’s taxi in your car

Working as a taxi driver for the New Year holidays, you can make good money. Taxi services are in high demand from the last days of December until almost the middle of January. For taxing, it is better to use applications like Yandex Go.

Organization of New Year tours

Representatives of the Internet service Ostrovok.ru in an interview with the online newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta shared information on which cities Russians most often go-to for the New Year holidays. The absolute leaders are Sochi, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, and trips to:

  • Kazan;
  • Vladimir;
  • Yaroslavl;
  • Veliky Ustyug;
  • Yalta;
  • Kaliningrad;
  • Sevastopol.

Renting an apartment or house

Short-term rental of real estate for the New Year holidays is a highly profitable business. Country houses or apartments in the city center are in demand. Moreover, the cost of their rent for the New Year in comparison with the rest of the time grows by 2 times. You can find out how much you can earn on short-term rental housing for the New Year holidays from an interview with the director of development and communications of one of the popular online accommodation booking services.

Sale/tailoring of masquerade costumes

The period of children’s matinees and New Year’s corporate parties is a hot time for the fancy dress trade. You can either purchase finished products or organize your own production for tailoring suits. Any online platform is suitable for the sale of products. The main thing is to organize an effective advertising campaign.

Repair and general cleaning

As I. Golubtsov, executive director of the Union of Cleaning Companies, told the Kommersant online publication, Russians most often order a general cleaning before the New Year, while a certain number of customers reuse the services to put their homes in order after the holiday. The average cost of cleaning on ordinary days is 3,000 rubles, but on January 1, prices may be higher compared to ordinary days.

Courier Services

Earnings as a courier for the entire period of the New Year and Christmas holidays can reach up to 100,000 rubles. In priority – orders for the delivery of gifts. Yuri Shevchenko, Vice President for Operations at DHL, shared how the number of orders is doubling by the New Year. To cope with the increased volume, companies are recruiting additional staff for the New Year holidays.

sober driver service

Working as a sober driver does not require any investment at all, just a driver’s license is enough to work. During the New Year holidays, the cost of the Sober Driver service almost doubles. There are also traditionally more people wishing to use the service. Earnings depending on the region can be radically different, as reported on the Mir-24 Internet portal.

Drinking buddy on call

A rather unusual way to make money for the New Year, but nevertheless, there is also a demand for this service. As a rule, among the clients, there are both women and men. Mostly it’s for some reason, lonely people. There are those who are interested in “meeting” in an online format. In Moscow, the fee for one New Year’s meeting lasting three hours is about 5,000 rubles, according to an interview with such drinking buddies on Life.ru.

Anti-hangover treatments

Starting from the first days of January and until the very middle of the month, anti-hangover drugs are in high demand in pharmacies. The same applies to procedures that help to quickly put the body in order after alcoholic libations. The list of top anti-hangover procedures includes droppers, acupuncture, detox bath, and massage. Demand for them in January, according to the Internet publication Kommersant, is three times higher than in other months.

Tailoring/production of masks with New Year symbols

There is no doubt that everyone will spend the New Year in masks because the pandemic has not gone away and is unlikely to go away in the coming year. Yes, and quarantine measures are not particularly canceled, and in some countries, they are returned again after the cancellation. Over the past year and a half, the mask has become one of the most popular products on the market. Producers were able to earn huge money.

New Year's medical masks

These were both large factories in  China and private craftsmen at home.  _  _  It would seem that the market is saturated with such products. The price starts to fall,  buyers already have the goods in stock. But if we are talking about the New Year’s atmosphere,  then it will be maintained in everything, even in such an integral accessory as a  mask.

Option for New Year's covid masks

The main idea is to establish the production/tailoring and sale of masks,  on the surface of which New Year’s symbols will be applied. It can be inscriptions or various images. You can implement it through Ozon and Wildberries.              

Street food points in places of festivities

Non-alcoholic mulled wine and mead, tea and coffee, cinnamon rolls, hot pancakes, gingerbread, lollipops, etc. The main thing is to get approval from Rospotrebnadzor.

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