What is business coaching?

To develop and promote a business, a huge amount of knowledge is required, which still needs to be able to be applied in practice. In fact, this does not always work. And sometimes this baggage is simply not there. To solve this problem, such a popular direction as coaching has appeared. Let’s take a look at what it is and what types there are.


Coaching is a method of consulting and training, during which a person, who is also a coach, assists the student in achieving certain goals.

Corporate coaching

The most common practice in business is corporate coaching.

He performs the role of increasing the quality of business activity and improving the corporate culture, which allows you to establish relationships in the team, as well as improve and consolidate relationships with superiors.

In this case, the coach performs the role of a psychologist in the organization, supporting each individual employee, promoting career growth, also instilling the qualities of responsibility, devotion, and the ability to ignore one’s own interests for the purposes of the organization’s activities.

Corporate coaching is divided into external and internal.

The external one is designed for the fact that the functions of a coach are performed by a freelancer, and the internal one provides that the person performing such actions is officially empowered and is included in the staff of the organization.

Such work is carried out in the form of a session, the purpose of which is one-on-one communication, discussion of problems and ways to solve them.

The approximate stages of coaching in an organization can be divided into 7 points:

  1. Establishing contact between an employee and a specialist in this field, agreeing on an action plan.
  2. Determination of goals to be achieved.
  3. Analysis of current problems that complicate the work.
  4. Identification of problems that may arise during operation.
  5. Analysis of possible problems, and ways to solve them.
  6. Drawing up a specific action plan.
  7. Agree on certain actions to be carried out before the next meeting.

After completing these stages, an analysis of the joint work is carried out, and the pros and cons of the work are also identified.

Executive coaching

The type of such coaching provides personal communication, support, and training for managers for the possibility of independent management of the organization in the future.

It includes:

  • development of an individual management program;
  • achieving quick results according to the plan;
  • increase in business activity in personnel management, the possibility of more beneficial interaction with colleagues;
  • increase and increase of personal achievements in the work area;
  • increase in the level of motivation;
  • reduction of stress level, increase in the level of positive competence.

This type of training for the manager is carried out in the form of personal meetings, but sometimes there are exceptions that provide for the presence of specialists at the time of important meetings and negotiations.

It is not required that a person be a part of the organization, which ensures the complete independence of a specialist in this field from the head, thanks to which a trusting relationship is formed.

Only in this case, the client will increase his results repeatedly and at a high speed.


There are 8 models of modern coaching.

  • “live” – ​​provides for such types as mentoring, relationships that are based on friendship, etc.;
  • providing for communication at a distance (i.e. in social networks);
  • focused on various skills (eg cold calling, mailing). In this case, a specialist helps a person acquire a particular skill;
  • which lasts until the result is obtained;
  • held in a group, each group is divided into a mini-group and master groups;
  • coaching plus. It includes various add-ons, discounts, etc.;
  • carried out in conjunction with cloning. Training takes place with the aim of transferring its methodology to other organizations;
  • hybrid, there is a mixing of different species into one.