Women’s business No. 1: Psychological salon “1000 ideas”


The psychological salon “1000 Ideas” is a unique business format that opens up unlimited opportunities for self-realization in one of the most sought-after niches of modern business. This is a combination of the most modern psychological training programs with the unique atmosphere of secular salons. Become the leader of trainings and transformational programs for modern women. You will not only work out your own requests, but also begin to professionally help others.


The “1000 Ideas” company has been developing the “Keys to the Unconscious” method based on working with psychological maps for over 12 years. Becoming partners of the company. You will be able to conduct over 50 training programs, 10 psychological games, 500+ exercises to work out most of the requests that are addressed to the consultant. Not every major training center has such a variety of programs.

Depending on which topic is closer to you, you can conduct trainings on family issues, self-development and self-knowledge, professional growth, starting and building a business, money and motivation, interpersonal relationships, building relationships in a team, promoting goods and services, developing creativity and many other topics.

The peculiarity of the psychological salons “1000 ideas” is that each of them is unique and reflects, first of all, the individuality of the “owner of the salon”.


Atmosphericity, intimacy, sophistication distinguish psychological salons “1000 ideas” from standard and formal training centers. Psychological salons return us to the era of beautiful ladies, faithful knights, genuine feelings, pure thoughts and eternal values.


The psychological salon “1000 Ideas” is ideal for a family business. You can create a psychological salon at home, if the area and the interior allow it. This business can be inherited, and your adult children (over 18 years old) can now take an active part in the family business, conducting a variety of psychological games for their peers.


  • The host does not consult or give recommendations – all programs are designed in such a way that the client himself finds answers to his questions.
  • The facilitator’s task is to explain the rules, procedures and help clients to speak their thoughts.
  • Each client works at the level of depth to which he is ready at the moment, which means it is environmentally friendly and safe.


  • Transformation games
    10 transformation games. All games can be divided into 3 blocks: coaching, psychological and business. More than 5 million queries related to the topics for which these programs are developed are entered into search engines every month.
  • Author’s trainings
    You do not give recommendations and do not consult – the programs are built in such a way that the client himself receives answers to his questions. Each client works at the level of depth to which he is ready at the moment, which means that it is as environmentally friendly and safe as possible.
  • Atmospheric programs
    Atmospheric programs based on the “Magic of Good Stories” method are at the intersection of psychology and art. Based on myths and the best works of world literature, we teach to recognize the plots in which we live and transform them in the process of doing exercises.
  • Psychological soirees
    A special format of thematic club meetings, a unique form of intellectual leisure with psychological maps, the tone and atmosphere of which is set by the hostess of the salon…
  • Online marathons
    Thanks to a specially designed platform, partners can conduct programs remotely, inviting up to 500 participants to work with cards at the same time.
  • Offline and online
    counseling For psychological maps, hundreds of exercises have been developed to work out the main issues that clients seek advice with.
  • Brainstorming
    Brainstorming with mind maps will help you create more new ideas in a month than your competitors can come up with in a year, and greatly increase the efficiency of meetings and teamwork.
  • Business games
    Business games, developed by psychologists in tandem with marketers and business consultants, help create a viable business idea, develop an anti-crisis development strategy, analyze competitors, improve the skills of sales departments, etc.
  • Conducting the Game Practitioner course “1000 Ideas”
    Our partners earn money by conducting the certification course “Game Practitioner 1000 Ideas” by teaching how to conduct 10 transformational games.
  • Training to work with the method
    You can not only consult, conduct trainings and games, but also independently teach how to work with the method in your city.

By purchasing a business using the 1000 Ideas method, you get everything you need to start making money right away:

  • Props for games and trainings

All psychological cards: “1000 ideas”, “1000 lives” and “1000 roads”. Fields for the games “Snow Queen”, “Thumbelina”, “Chess” and “Hidden Factor”. Auxiliary cards and instructions necessary for conducting transformational games.

  • The right to conduct 10 psychological games

Offline – indefinitely. Online – for 1 calendar year.

T-game “Space of Variations”
T-game “High Stakes”
T-game “Hidden Factor”
T-game “The Labors of Hercules”
T-game “Thumbelina”
T-game “Snow Queen”
Business games “Startup” and “Startup Light” “
business game

  • Two Day Live Online Course

A two-day online course that teaches how to conduct 10 transformational games. In 2 days, the company’s specialists will explain the mechanics of the games and show how to play them in a special service 1000-cards.ru.

  • The right to host 40+ programs
  1. The Hero’s Journey (Journey for a Dream)
  2. Path of the Alchemist (overcoming a mid-life crisis)
  3. Alice Through the Looking Glass (projections in our lives)
  4. How to survive in an era of change
  5. How to achieve harmony
  6. How to beat procrastination
  7. Relief from anxiety
  8. How to get over a breakup
  9. How to understand a person
  10. The choices that make us
  11. Ways to Happiness
  12. Search for sources of vitality, energy and resources
  13. Search for a partner
  14. Way to success
  15. True femininity
  16. Me and money. business philosophy
  17. Building a resource deck
  18. Old age epidemic (age acceptance)
  19. Queen of Spades
  20. Enough simplicity for every sage
  21. On the roads of a fairy tale. 78 healing stories
  22. 1000 metaphors. 78 exercises
  23. The Book of the Prophet Jonah
  24. Pygmalion
  25. Shakespeare
  26. Mowgli. Leadership Lessons
  27. The exploits of Baron Munchausen
  28. Wizard and Scientist
  29. golden pot
  30. Nutcracker
  31. Circus
  32. Legends of old Prague
  33. School of Life. First lessons
  34. Tarot for psychologists
  35. Relationship Magic
  36. northern myths
  37. rune magic
  38. Fairy tale therapy with psychological maps
  39. Commedia dell’arte
  40. Grand schemer
  41. 12 New Year’s magic layouts
  42. 12 new magic spreads
  43. Waiting for the Miracle
  44. Antimetamorphoses. From death to life!
  • Online course “Master of Healing Stories”

The main goal of the Master of Healing Stories course is to teach you how to write Stories for yourself for the purpose of self-therapy. After all, “saving the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves,” and no psychotherapist will help you if you do not want to learn how to help yourself. It’s not hard to see, however, that if you’re up to the task of healing yourself with your own stories, then you can easily write other stories for other people—for anyone.

Access to the course is provided for 1 year + the right to supervise clients

  • Online course “Magic worlds. Course for a beginner stalker”

This video course will help you not only to learn about the Other Worlds of our Universe. Not only to believe in their reality. Our course will help you establish contact with them – quite real and, moreover, absolutely safe!

Access to the course is provided for 1 year + the right to supervise clients

  • The right to train game practitioners for 1 year

Training partners have the right to conduct the Igropractice course on their own. The partner’s income is from 25,000 from each trained Igropraktik.

  • Access to the online platform for games and consultations for 1 year

All Learning Partners get access to the online consulting service, games and trainings 1000-cards.ru

  • Access to the service for conducting online marathons for 1 year

All Learning Partners get access to the beta version of the service for conducting online marathons, which allows you to simultaneously connect up to 500 people to work with cards.

  • Access to videos of 8 key online trainings for 1 year

In the personal account of partners there are videos of 8 key trainings, reflecting the essence of the method, which partners go through on their own.
1. Alice in the Looking Glass (work with projections)
2. Getting rid of anxiety
3. How to survive in the Age of Change
4. Anti-metamorphosis. From death to life!
5. Path of the Hero (the path to the Dream)
6. Path of the Alchemist (overcoming the mid-life crisis)
7. Finding sources of vitality, energy and resources
8. Choices that make … us

  • Partner support program

As part of the Partner Services Promotion Program, we provide our platforms and groups in social networks where you can interact with an already established audience and find new customers.

  • Access to the course “Game Practitioner as a Profession. Business from A to Z” for 1 year

Access to materials for 1 year.

With this course you will be able to:

– Learn the basic theoretical information about board games and their structure.
– Learn the principles of developing your own board games.
– Get all the information you need about the art of conducting games as a leading game practitioner.
– Consider board games as a business and find out how and how much you can earn on them.
– Get a comprehensive understanding of the professions of a developer and host of psychological board games.

  • Access to the course “Working with metaphor in counseling” for 1 year

It is on Metaphor and metaphorical thinking that the entire methodology of “1000 Ideas” is based. It is in the Metaphor that its main strength and our inexhaustible source of inspiration lies. In the course “Working with Metaphor in Counseling”, we tried with our usual depth and scrupulousness to understand the possibilities of Metaphor, to understand what its great Resource is.

  • Access to the database of promotional materials and business recommendations for 1 year

The personal account of the Learning Partner contains not only examples of business plans and recommendations for promotion, but also an extensive database of images of maps and programs for use in advertising and design of social networks.

  • Adding to Private Partner Chat

All Learning Partners are added to the Partner Chat, where they can exchange experience with colleagues and unite for testing and conducting joint programs.

  • Certificates of Igropraktik and Partner of the company “1000 ideas” with inclusion in the register

The Register of Certified Partners and Game Practitioners is published on the psychological portal live-and-learn.ru

  • 2 months supervision

Weekly online meetings with a master partner. Detailed analysis of issues that may arise in the course of work


After making a payment in the amount of 140,000 rubles. you get the status of a Training Partner with the right to work both offline and online, as well as train Game Practitioners for 1 year.

After a year, you retain the status of a Partner, without the right to train Game Practitioners and conduct programs in an online format. At the same time, offline, you can still play all received programs and games indefinitely and without additional fees.

The cost of renewing the status of a Learning Partner (the right to work online + Training game practitioners) is 60,000 rubles. in year.

For those partners who are actively working:

  1. trained 12 or more game practitioners per year,
  2. or participate in our free Partner Support Program,

renewal of the status of a Learning Partner for the next year is free of charge.

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