Best Flat Stomach Workouts You Can Do at Home

Each of us dreams of having a toned belly, wearing open dresses, and feeling confident. First of all, the appearance depends on the food culture. Healthy and properly cooked food, plenty of clean water, and a slight calorie deficit are the main secret to being lean. Regular exercise helps you burn stored fat faster. 

Classic plank

We all often hear: “We need to make the bar.” Why exactly her? It is one of the most effective exercises. Thanks to the work of the muscles of the whole body, calories are spent even after a while after exercise.

Moreover, in addition to the superficial muscles, the deep muscles of the abdomen, pelvis, and back are involved in the work – they form a graceful waist, beautiful posture, and a healthy spine.


  • we put our palms under the shoulders, socks under the heels, bend our arms slightly, straighten our shoulders, look at the floor;
  • the back should be straight due to a twisted pelvis, a tightened abdomen, and extended legs;
  • throughout the exercise, we try to push ourselves with our feet and palms off the floor, align the spine (the back of the head, neck, back, legs are on the same line);
  • we try to breathe with the lower part of the chest: on inhalation, the lower ribs expand, on exhalation they narrow, and the stomach is pulled up to the spine;
  • you can ease the exercise by lowering yourself on your shins.
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